Xsan 2 Administrator Guide - Getting Additional Information

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Getting Additional Information

For more information about Xsan, consult these resources:

Read Me documents (on the Xsan Install Disc)
Read important updates and special information.

Xsan resources website (www.apple.com/xsan/resources/)
Get the latest Xsan documentation available in PDF format.

Xsan website (www.apple.com/xsan/)
Visit the gateway to extensive product and technology information.

Xsan Support website (www.apple.com/support/xsan/)
Find articles about Xsan from Apple’s support organization.

Apple Discussions website (discussions.apple.com)
Join a discussion group to share questions, knowledge, and advice with other Xsan administrators.

Apple Training and Certification website (training.apple.com)
Find instructor-led and self-paced courses for improving your Xsan administration skills.

Apple Mailing Lists website (www.lists.apple.com)
Subscribe to mailing lists so you can communicate with other Xsan administrators by email.

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