Xsan 2 Administrator Guide - Graphing SAN Resource Usage

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Graphing SAN Resource Usage

Xsan Admin can display graphs of up to a week of CPU, memory, Ethernet, and Fibre
Channel usage data for any computer on the SAN.

Choose a time period.

Choose a data type.

Choose a SAN computer.


Chapter 7

Monitoring SAN Status

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Chapter 7

Monitoring SAN Status


To view usage graphs:
In Xsan Admin, click the Graphs button at the top of the window and use the three


pop-up menus in the Graphs window to choose a computer, a data type, and a time
Memory and CPU resources used by the file system (fsm) process for a volume are
listed under the name of the volume in the Graphs pop-up menu when you choose
the volume’s controller from the Computer pop-up menu.

From the Command Line
You can also check the file system process’s current CPU and memory usage by using


command in Terminal to check the process named


on the volume’s