Xsan 2 Administrator Guide - Checking Free Space on a Volume

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Checking Free Space on a Volume

There are several ways to see how much space is available on a SAN volume.

Available space

To check the free space on a volume:
From a client or controller computer that has the volume mounted, select the volume


in a Finder window and look at the size information at the bottom of the window
(in Column or List view) or choose File > Get Info. You can also use Disk Utility.
From a computer that doesn’t have the volume mounted or from a computer that


doesn’t belong to the SAN, open Xsan Admin, select the volume in the SAN Assets list,
and click the Inspector button.

The reported size and free space for an Xsan volume doesn’t include space in storage
pools that contain only journal data and metadata. Only space on storage pools where
users can store files is counted (that is, storage pools set to be used for “Any data” or
“User data only”).

For example, if you create a volume consisting of four 120 GB storage pools and
configure one for journal and metadata only, Xsan Admin reports the size of the
volume as 360 GB, not 480 GB.

From the Command Line
You can also check volume free space using the

cvadmin stat

command. For more

information, see the


man page or “Viewing or Changing Volume and Storage

Pool Settings (cvadmin)” on page 111.