Xsan 2 Administrator Guide - Checking for Fibre Channel Connection Failures

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Checking for Fibre Channel Connection Failures

Fibre Channel connection failures or errors are recorded in the system log.

To view the system log:
In Xsan Admin, click the Logs button at the top of the window, then, in the Logs


window that appears, choose the computer in the Computer pop-up menu and
choose System Log from the Log pop-up menu.

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Use this chapter to find solutions to common problems you

might encounter while working with a SAN.

Look here for solutions to common problems you might encounter while setting up,
managing, or using an Xsan SAN.

If You Can’t Connect to a Computer Using Xsan Admin

If there is a firewall between the administrator computer and the SAN computer,
make sure TCP port 311 is open.

If You Can’t Install the Xsan Software

If the installer says you can’t install the Xsan 2 software on a computer, make sure
the computer has an Intel processor and Mac OS X or Mac OS X Server v10.5 or v10.6

If Computers Aren’t Listed in Xsan Admin

If a computer you want to add to the SAN as a metadata controller or client isn’t listed
in Xsan Admin, make sure:

You’ve installed the Xsan software on the computer.


The computer is powered on.


The computer isn’t sleeping and isn’t set to sleep (in the Energy Saver pane of


System Preferences).
The computer is on the same TCP/IP subnets as the other SAN components.


(If you’re using a private and a public Ethernet network, all SAN components
must be connected to both.)