Xsan 2 Administrator Guide - Setting SAN User and Group Quotas

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Setting SAN User and Group Quotas

You can use Xsan Admin to set quotas on the amount of storage available to a user or

To set a storage quota for a user or group:


In Xsan Admin, select Users and Groups in the SAN Assets list.

If you’re not using Xsan Admin to manage users and groups, you’ll see Quotas in the
SAN Assets list instead of Users and Groups.


Choose a volume from the Volume pop-up menu.


Select a user or group in the list.

To select multiple users or groups, hold down the Shift or Command key as you select
users or groups in the list.
To add a user or group, click the Users button or Groups button above the list and
then click the Add (+) button.


Click the Edit button.


Enter a hard quota, soft quota, and grace period, and then click OK.

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To remove a quota:
Select the user or group and choose Delete Quota from the Action (gear) pop-up



If your Xsan computers connect to another Mac OS X Server for user and group
accounts, use Workgroup Manager or Server Preferences to create users and groups
as needed.

If existing users and groups aren’t listed when you click the Add button, open System
Preferences > Accounts > Login Options > Edit Network Account Server on your
computer and make sure it’s connected to the correct server for authentication.

All computers in the SAN should use the same directory service.

From the Command Line
You can also set user quotas using the

cvadmin quotas set

command in Terminal.

For information, see the


man page or “Viewing or Changing Volume and

Storage Pool Settings (cvadmin)” on page 111.