Xsan 2 Administrator Guide - Changing Mount Options

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Changing Mount Options

You can use Xsan Admin to adjust settings that can affect volume access performance.


Chapter 5

Managing Clients and Users

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Chapter 5

Managing Clients and Users


To change mount options:


In Xsan Admin, select Mounts in the SAN Assets list.


Select the volume in the Volume pop-up menu.


Select the client in the list.


Choose Edit Mount Options from the Action (gear) pop-up menu and change:

Directory cache size: Controls the number of file system directory entries cached
on the client for each SAN volume. Increase this value if the volume contains a large
number of small files (for example, if the volume hosts a home directory server or mail
Client worker threads: Controls the number of processes used to communicate with
the volume. You might increase this if you’re mounting many volumes on a client.
Delay access time updates until files are closed: Lets you increase performance
by reducing the number of access time updates on a file that is read frequently (for
example, streaming video). If not enabled, file access time is updated every time the
file is read.

For more information, see the descriptions of these parameters in the




Managing Users and Groups

Depending on how you first set up your SAN, you can manage users and groups using
Xsan Admin or Mac OS X Server’s Workgroup Manager.