Xsan 2 Administrator Guide - Managing a Client Server Using Server Admin

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Managing a Client Server Using Server Admin

You can remotely manage Mac OS X Server on a client by using the Server Admin
application. Xsan Admin can open a Server Admin connection to a remote client

To connect to a controller or a client server using Server Admin:


In Xsan Admin, select Computers in the SAN Assets list.


Select the client you want to connect to.


Choose “Connect using Server Admin” from the Action (gear) pop-up menu.

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To increase SAN security and redundancy, you can add,

switch, and monitor Xsan metadata controllers.

Every SAN volume you set up is managed by a metadata controller. To be sure that
the volume is available to clients even if the primary metadata controller becomes
unresponsive, you can set up standby controllers, one of which will assume control of
the volume if the primary controller fails.

This chapter shows you how to add metadata controllers, set their failover priority,
and force volume failover from the primary controller to a standby controller.