Xsan 2 Administrator Guide - Creating Local Home Folders for Network Accounts

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Creating Local Home Folders for Network Accounts

Using a centralized directory simplifies the job of managing user accounts for client
computers attached to the SAN. However, some applications, such as Final Cut Pro,
work best when a user’s home folder is on the client computer.

User accounts that you manage with Xsan Admin are set up with local home folders.
If your SAN users have accounts on another directory system and they have network
home folders, you can set up local home folders for them.

To create a local home folder for a network user account:


Open Workgroup Manager and authenticate to your SAN’s Open Directory master.


Click the Users tab, select a user, and click Home.


If /Users appears in the list of home locations, select it and click Save.

If /Users isn’t in the list, click the Add (+) button, and then enter the following in the
Full Path field (replacing shortname with the user’s short name):
Leave all other fields blank, click OK, and then click Save.
The user’s home folder is created on the client the first time the user logs in.