Xsan 2 Administrator Guide - Unmounting a Volume on a Client

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Unmounting a Volume on a Client

To prevent a client from accessing a volume, you can unmount the volume from
the client. Clients can’t mount SAN volumes; only an administrator can mount a SAN
volume on a client.

Unmount button

Select the volume.

Select to view

computers that have

the volume mounted.

Note: A user can unmount a SAN volume from a client computer temporarily by
ejecting it in the Finder like any other mounted volume. However, the volume
remounts after a few moments. To be sure that a volume remains unmounted,
use Xsan Admin to unmount it.

To unmount a volume:


In Xsan Admin, select Mounts in the SAN Assets list.


Choose the volume from the Volume pop-up menu.


Select the client in the list and click the Unmount button.

To select more than one client, hold down the Command or Shift key as you select
clients in the list.