Xsan 2 Administrator Guide - Checking User Quota Status

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Checking User Quota Status

You can use Xsan Admin to check file system quotas to see how much of their
allotment users and groups are using.

Hard quota
(right end of bar)

Soft quotas
(vertical lines)

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To view quota status:
In Xsan Admin, select “Users and Groups” or Quotas in the SAN Assets list. (You see


Users and Groups only if you chose to have Xsan Admin manage your users and
groups. Otherwise, you see Quotas instead.)

To be sure you’re seeing current information, click Refresh at the top of the window.

Xsan Admin displays the following information for each user or group:
Used: The amount of space the user’s files are occupying.
Quota: The soft and hard quotas. For example, “75 MB – 100 MB” indicates a soft quota
of 75 MB and a hard quota of 100 MB.
Quota Status: The status bar represents the full allocation, from zero on the left to the
hard quota on the right. The small vertical line within the bar marks the soft quota.
The colored portion of the bar shows how much space the user or group is using.
Green indicates that the user or group is below the soft quota. Yellow indicates usage
exceeding the soft quota but for a time within the grace period. Red indicates that
the user has reached the hard quota, possibly because the soft quota was exceeded
beyond the grace period and was changed to a hard quota.

You can set up Xsan to notify you by email or text message when a user or group
exceeds a soft quota. See “Setting Up Status Notifications” on page 97.

For more information about quotas and how to set them, see “Setting SAN User and
Group Quotas” on page 79.

From the Command Line
You can also check user quotas using the

cvadmin quotas get

command in Terminal.

For more information, see the


man page or “Viewing or Changing Volume and

Storage Pool Settings (cvadmin)” on page 111.


Chapter 5

Managing Clients and Users

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Chapter 5

Managing Clients and Users