Xsan 2 Administrator Guide - Setting Up a Folder Affinity

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Setting Up a Folder Affinity

Every storage pool in a volume has an affinity tag. You can use the tag to be sure that
files in a folder are stored on a specific storage pool. Files in folders without affinities
are stored in the next available storage pool according to the volume’s allocation
strategy (fill, round-robin, or balance).

Some storage pools might be larger, faster, or better protected than others. Using
affinities, you can make sure that an application or task that needs speed or extra
protection stores its files on a suitable storage pool.

Using Xsan Admin, you can choose an affinity for an existing folder or create a folder
with an affinity.

Action pop-up menu

To assign an affinity tag to a folder:


In Xsan Admin, select File Management in the SAN Assets list.


Select the folder in the columns that list the volume’s contents, choose Set Affinity

from the Action (gear) pop-up menu, and choose an affinity tag.
If the folder doesn’t exist, choose New Folder from the Action (gear) pop-up menu,
enter a folder name, and choose an affinity tag.

From the Command Line
You can also create a folder and assign it an affinity using the


command in

Terminal. For more information, see the


man page.