Xsan 2 Administrator Guide - Destroying a Volume

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Destroying a Volume

You can destroy a volume so you can reuse its LUNs to create new volumes.

To destroy a volume:
In Xsan Admin, select Volumes in the SAN Assets list, select the volume in the list,


and choose Destroy Volume from the Action (gear) pop-up menu.


Chapter 4

Managing SAN Storage

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You can use Xsan Admin and related command-line tools to

add, control, and remove client computers and their users.

Xsan clients are computers that have Fibre Channel connections to a SAN. SAN users
log in to client computers to access files stored on SAN volumes. This chapter shows
you how to add clients, control client access to volumes, and manage user quotas.

Adding a Client

Before a computer can use a SAN volume, you must add the computer to the SAN as a
client. These instructions show you how to add a client computer to a SAN.

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computers already

in SAN.