Xsan 2 Administrator Guide - Enabling or Disabling Access Control Lists

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Enabling or Disabling Access Control Lists

You can use Xsan Admin to specify whether the Xsan file system uses access control
lists (ACLs) on a volume.

Xsan 2 clients and Windows StorNext clients recognize ACLs. UNIX clients ignore ACLs
on Xsan volumes. If you have a mix of Windows clients and Xsan clients, they must
all be bound to the same directory domain, whether provided by Open Directory
configured as a primary domain controller (PDC) or by Windows Active Directory.

Note: If you enable ACLs but your SAN includes clients that don’t support them, don’t
use those clients to change file or folder ownership information, or inconsistencies
might result.

To enable or disable ACLs:


In Xsan Admin, select Volumes in the SAN Assets list.


Select the volume and choose Edit Volume Settings from the Action (gear) pop-up



Set or clear the checkbox next to Access Control Lists and click OK.