Xsan 2 Administrator Guide - Changing Advanced Allocation and Cache Settings

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Changing Advanced Allocation and Cache Settings

Volume settings that control the allocation of space for growing files and the caching
of file-related data structures are set by Xsan Admin to suit the type of volume you
set up. If necessary, you can use Xsan Admin to adjust these advanced allocation and
caching settings for a volume.


Do not adjust these settings unless you understand their role in volume

performance or you are directed to change them by Apple support personnel.

To change advanced volume settings:
In Xsan Admin, select Volumes in the SAN Assets list, select the volume, choose Edit


Volume Settings from the Action (gear) pop-up menu, and specify:
File Expansion Min: The number of storage blocks added to the file for the first
expansion request.
File Expansion Increment: The number of storage blocks by which the expansion
request is increased for each subsequent request.
File Expansion Max: The maximum expansion request that is allowed.
Inode Cache Size: The maximum number of inode data structures that can be cached
on the volume by the metadata controller.
Buffer Cache Size: The amount of memory that the metadata controller can allocate
for storing a volume’s metadata.