Xsan 2 Administrator Guide - Adding a Volume to a SAN

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Adding a Volume to a SAN

A single Xsan SAN can provide access to multiple volumes.

Click to add a
new volume.

Select to view

current volumes.

To add a volume:


In Xsan Admin, select Volumes in the SAN Assets list and click the Add Volume (+)



In the Volume Name and Type pane of the assistant, enter a name for the volume

and choose a volume type that matches the kind of work the volume will support.
Xsan Admin sets the underlying volume settings accordingly.


In the Configure Volume Affinities pane (Configure Volume Storage if you chose the

custom volume type), drag LUNs to affinity tags (or storage pools).


On the Volume Failover Priority pane, drag the controller that you want to host the

volume whenever possible to the top of the list, then arrange the other controllers in
descending order.
For information about advanced settings, see “Changing Advanced Volume
Settings” on page 59 or “Changing Storage Pool Settings” on page 63.
When you’re finished, the volume mounts on all SAN clients.

From the Command Line
You can also add a volume by setting up a configuration file. For more information,
see the


man page (

% man -M /Library/Filesystems/Xsan/man/

4 cvfs_config

) or “Xsan Configuration Files” on page 122.