Xsan 2 Administrator Guide - Step 2:  Set Up the Ethernet Networks

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Set Up the Ethernet Networks

To set up the SAN Ethernet networks:


Connect controller computers, client computers, RAID systems, and Fibre Channel

switches to the public intranet and Internet.


Connect controller computers and client computers to the private metadata network.


Configure the network settings on the client and controller computers.

For each computer’s public Ethernet port, you can configure the TCP/IP settings:
Manually: You enter the static IP address, subnet mask, router address, and DNS server
address for each computer.
Using DHCP with manual address: You enter the computer’s static IP address, and
your DHCP server provides the other TCP/IP connection settings.
Using DHCP: Your DHCP server provides a static IP address and the other TCP/IP
settings for client computers. (This configuration method isn’t available when setting
up metadata controllers.) The DHCP server must be configured to always assign the
same static IP address to each SAN computer.
For the private metadata network, you can have the Xsan setup assistant configure the
network settings if you’re setting up new computers or computers on which you’ve
just performed a clean installation of Mac OS X Server. To make sure the Xsan setup
assistant offers this option, don’t configure the Ethernet port connected to the private
metadata network:

On client computers, leave this Ethernet port unconfigured in Network preferences.


On controllers and clients running Mac OS X Server, disable this Ethernet port while


using the Mac OS X Server setup assistant.

The Xsan setup assistant offers to configure the private metadata network if it finds
exactly one available unconfigured Ethernet port on each computer, or if each
computer has an Ethernet port with a private IP address on the same IP subnet and a
subnet mask of


Chapter 3

Setting Up a Storage Area Network

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Chapter 3

Setting Up a Storage Area Network


For information about private IP addresses and the network settings you must make
if the Xsan setup assistant doesn’t configure the metadata network settings on SAN
computers, see “Ethernet TCP/IP Network” on page 23.

Step 3: