Xsan 2 Administrator Guide - Setting Up an Xsan Administrator Computer

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Setting Up an Xsan Administrator Computer

You can install the Xsan Admin application on any computer with an Intel processor
and Mac OS X or Mac OS X Server v10.5 or v10.6, and then use it to administer an
Xsan 2 SAN remotely. The administrator computer must be able to connect to all SAN
computers via your public intranet or the Internet. The administrator computer doesn’t
need to be connected to the SAN’s private metadata network or the SAN’s Fibre
Channel network.

To install just the Xsan Admin application:
Insert the


Xsan Install Disc, open the Other Installs folder, double-click the

XsanAdmin.mpkg icon, and follow the onscreen instructions.

For information about using Xsan Admin to manage a SAN remotely, see “Managing
Multiple SANs” on page 50.