Xsan 2 Administrator Guide - Using a Private Metadata Network

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Using a Private Metadata Network

Non–SAN-related Ethernet traffic can interfere with the exchange of metadata
among Xsan controllers and clients. For example, using the same connection for Xsan
metadata exchange and Internet access can slow file system performance. Similarly,
using the same Ethernet network to connect client computers to directory services
and SAN metadata can affect SAN performance.

If SAN performance is critical for your users or applications, keep all extraneous traffic
off the network that clients and metadata controllers use to exchange metadata. For
best SAN performance, set up a private Ethernet TCP/IP network for the exclusive use
of Xsan clients and metadata controllers. For other types of network traffic, including
Internet access, RAID system and Fibre Channel switch management, remote SAN
management, or directory services, connect each client and metadata controller to a
second Ethernet network using a second Ethernet port.