Xsan 2 Administrator Guide - Volumes

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Storage pools are combined to create the volumes that users see. From the user’s
perspective, the SAN volume looks and behaves like a large local disk, except that:

The size of the volume can grow as you add underlying arrays or new storage pools


Multiple users on the SAN can access files on the volume at the same time


In the illustration on page 16, five storage pools are combined to create a single shared
volume. You use Xsan Admin to create volumes and mount them on client computers.

The following screen shot shows how LUNs, storage pools, and volumes look as
you organize them in Xsan Admin. This example shows a SAN with a single shared
volume named “SanVol.” Storage for the volume is provided by two storage pools,
“MetadataAndJournal” and “Data1,” the first based on a single LUN and the other on
two LUNs.


Storage pool